Recently I was introduced to“The Black Wall Street” app created by the Actor and Author Hill Harper. It’s a Financial Technology [Fin Tech] digital wallet, Hill Harper founded to encourage more African American families to not only invest in cryptocurrency but learn about it too. 🙂

I highly doubt I’m the only person who was like “wtf is this bitcoin and cryptocurrency stuff” When crypto first hit the main stream media. I was naturally very hesitant about investing in cryptocurrency and I wasn’t in the mood to actually learn about it on my own. Honestly, until recently hearing Hill Harper and Najah Roberts speak so passionately about the need to encourage and teach more African Americans about winning in the financial market, by investing and listening to Hill Harper explain how far behind we are as black people in the financial market collectively really sparked my interest in cryptocurrency.

“We want to build wealth and get people into value ascending asset classes.”

Hill Harper

Hill Harper and his partner Najah Roberts are doing more than advocating for us as black people in the financial market. They are handing us the gems in small digestible doses that I can really appreciate. One of Hill’s and Najah’s biggest tip is to invest in the bitcoin crypto through the Dollar Cost Averaging [DCA] strategy; which is very similar to the process used for 401k investments. Dollar cost averaging is a strategy to manage price risk when you’re buying investments. Instead of investing in a particular asset at one time, with a single purchase at one price; with dollar cost averaging you divide up the amount of money you’d like to invest and buy small quantities of the asset over time at regular intervals, as explained by Forbes contributors, E. Napoletano and Benjamin Curry.

Hill Harper and Najah Roberts are encouraging black individuals and families to use the DCA strategy to invest in the bitcoin cryptocurrency because everyone doesn’t have $50,000 accessible to buy a Bitcoin and if you do but still a little hesitant, investing a small amount like $20 weekly can also be very rewarding because as you invest to gain that $50,000 coin price you will be gaining the smaller parts of a bitcoin which is a satoshi, [Sats] at your own pace. The satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, there are 100 million sats in one bitcoin therefore you’ll still be getting something out the deal either way. If bitcoin continues to go up so does the value of your investment and if it falls, well hopefully you didn’t invest everything. Consider it a very safe and rewarding play. 😉

“It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.”

George Soros

There’s plenty of established cryptocurrency apps to invest with, ex. Coinbase, Binance, Cashapp etc. but none of these platforms were founded by a black man or anyone of African/Carribean decent. So here I am encouraging everyone reading this to not only take the small leap to invest in cryptocurrency if you haven’t already, but also invest with a black owned platform, Hill Harper’s, The Black Wall Street App is very new in Fintech, but it’s here. We as an African American community need to invest in the people doing the work, spreading the message and at some point hopefully we all can join the movement. 

Let me know how you all are feeling about cryptocurrency and if you’ve already been investing or still deciding to invest.

Explore the Black Wall Street app and start investing as soon as possible

That’s all from me, until next time…

XOXO, Diamond D.